Saturday, February 12, 2011


for the past three days i have had the joy of meditating on the Spirit &the gift that is salvation. God is so good! 

thursday i got to take communion [at refuge christian fellowship] &worship the Lord through reflection, song, &fellowship.

friday i spent the day reveling in God's gift of beautiful weather &praised Him for Jesus and His glorious gift of salvation. 

saturday [today] started off waking up to my best friend [peterbroberg] via skype &then went to coffee with one of my oldest &most dear friends; both conversations were such blessings. 

peterbroberg &johnnypedersen [with whom i enjoyed a wonderful mocha] are such men of God--always striving to better themselves in the sight of the Lord--&i am so blessed that they allow me into their lives.  peterb just wrote an amazing devotional on his blog, about the importance of aproaching the Lord &using the power of the Holy Spirt, with whom the Lord has blessed us all &&&then johnnyp posted a pretty encouraging blogpost also about the Holy Spirit &the helper He is to us...both posts pretty well encompass what i've been musing all week [i love when the Lord echoes in our lives] which got me pretty elated!

&&&now i am snuggled up between two stones [or rather pebbles]: jude & is good to be a tt!

what a favored little-lady i am--praise the LORD!

xoxo. grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.[eph. 6:24]

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