Friday, August 17, 2012


is wherever i’m with you...and food.

there are not many things i enjoy more than home. for me home can be rather subjective. mostly it means where i feel the most comfortable--mainly loved--and it means that my husband is usually there and preferably he’s holding my hand. 

{griffin james + unclepete}

i love being at home. i love the smells; activities; security; i love home cooked meals. however difficult or easy they are. semi-homemade, too. i love the taste of food that had thoughtful consideration put into preparing it. i love personally preparing it and sharing that thoughtfulness and love [and devotion] with others. my mom has always said that cooking is cheaper than therapy and food is great is that, when you really think about it?! the Lord has prepared a way to decompress from the world around, become selfless, and revel in His glorious bounty of blessing while chopping, rinsing, steaming, paring, for others as well as yourself. 

i always feel so defeated when we go out to eat. yes, it is a treat, and yes it is a blessing...but there's something about eating out that makes me feel like i'm living life wrong. recently peter and i made the best nachos! we made the chips from scratch and we used leftover taco meat from the night before...i loved it! we got to be creative, thrifty, and we got to cook together! as i was eating i felt so proud, like "this is the life. we sure are doing it right...i love home."

i am so thankful for a mother who enjoys cooking and enjoys creating healthy fun meals. i am even more grateful to her for bestowing that joy to me. i am thankful for knowing the key to making a house a home and the worth and love of a home-cooked meal...what a charm!

chip recipe::
  -raw corn tortillas [we use white but i'm sure yellow would work/taste just as well].
  -canola/vegetable oil.
  -preheat your oven to 350*
  -cut your tortillas in quarters and assemble on baking sheet. try to avoid too many overlaps.
  -lightly--so the salt will stick--oil both sides of the tortilla quarters [we use a hand-pump sprayer but haven't always].
  -sprinkle salt to both sides
  -bake. i don't actually set the timer because each batch takes different amounts of time...i just watch them periodically and rustle them up as well as turn the sheet around and switch bottom to top [if using more than one]
  -this rarely takes more than 10mins
  -cool on a rack or eat hot.
*these are a broberg household staple. peter and i both get bummed when we are forced to use store-bought at home.