Sunday, October 9, 2011

aaron david glidewell

this past friday {october 7, 2011} my sister gave birth to her second son, aaron david glidewell, after a very long &exhausting 5months. she &her husband held him &loved him right into the Kingdom. they shared their precious one with family too. i feel so honored to have gotten to meet &love &hold my littlest nephew; &i cannot wait to meet him again in heaven.

my sister, alexis, &her husband, adam, are the most brave, strong, loving, kind, &graceful people i know. it has been so encouraging to see &feel the Body of Christ move &support my family. being covered by unceasing prayer &the faith &knowledge that we serve a merciful, loving God, has been the anchor to our days. God has been faithful to provide peace--the peace that passes all understanding &comfort to heal our aching hearts.

i am grateful for the time we were blessed to have aaron david, our darling young one, be a present part of our family &rejoice that he is now living in glory with our beautiful Savior &Lord, Jesus Christ.