Tuesday, June 19, 2012

9 months ago, sunday....

i became a wife! the Lord has surely blessed me. He has given me a life long friend + battle partner. He has given me a house + home + so much more!

in these past nine months i have learned. learned more about the nature of God + His saving graces through Jesus, + how He daily redeems me from my wicked self. learned more about my husband: what truly peeves him, what brings him joy...+ i have learned more about myself: my wretchedness, impatience, +stubbornness have all come to a brilliantly embarrassing light, so i have been learning to be content + thankful.

i am learning how to: cook balanced meals; grocery shop; clean up (+not just after myself); be vulnerable + honest.

here's to a lifetime of months married to my best friend, seeking His kingdom together.