Friday, February 18, 2011

monday: valentine's day

this day was a bad sandwich with good crust, i'll explain.
i was sweetly woken up to a phone call from peter [crust]
&then got ready for school &work...then realized it was pouring so i got dressed again [yick]
got out of class early &headed to work (but first i planned to make a chai stop) truck had other plans: it died in the middle of the turning lane to get onto the freeway [gross]!
so there i was, sitting in my truck, for about a half an hour, waiting for my dad to come to the rescue--praying!
not one person slowed down to offer to help me &i was getting so discouraged.
as my dad was calling me to let me know he was parking &running over to me, all 3people got out of their 1vehicle (2men 1woman), the woman took the driver's seat while the men came to my window &told me "don't get out, we're going to push you off to the side for you." &&&then my dad was there too! it was such a wonderful God-thing, because my dad could not have pushed the truck by himself; those men were such a blessing--so kind![all horrible besides the blessing]
so then i went to work, got picked up &then went to watch some friends' children so they could go out for the holiday.[better]
i had never before seen "singing in the rain" but it's this little guy's favorite "oovie" [precious]

he was so excited to share it with me! we also got to share pretend popcorn along with making a fort to sit in while viewing this musical masterpiece. [crust]

the Lord is always ready to provide what we need! even when what we need happens to be 2strong men, my dad, &a rainy musical valentine's date. He is so good--all the time!

xoxo. grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.[eph. 6:24]

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