Wednesday, April 24, 2013

april 24, 2013

today is that day when i finally remembered to buy+download a "kids praise" kind of album to listen to with the kids i nanny, eliza+antonio.

recently we have been going through THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE, specifically the story on zacchaeus. every day between morning and naptime, we sit together and begin with a song and then our story. i have been teaching them "Jesus Loves Me" and since eliza has been requesting to hear zacchaeus's story everyday, i decided to teach them the song about him, too.

these kids LOVE music. they are always requesting songs by artist and title and they are always down to dance (my kind of littles, if you ask me). for these reasons i keep telling myself: you need to get a [tolerable] kids praise cd to jam to with these littles!

so, fast forward to today: i'm making breakfast for them and eliza is talking about singing "zacchaeus" in the car "by herself" and then asks, "do you want to sing wit me?" i tell you, my heart skipped and of course we began singing, and of course we began getting sillier and sillier being filled by the joy that comes with loving and worshiping The Lord. as king david became undignified, so we too wiggled and giggled and danced for our Rescuer and King, Jesus. swiftly thereafter, i was on my phone searching itunes. i found an album. i docked my phone into the speakers and eliza lit up!

"They're singing about Jesus! Shall we dance!?" (i love that in her mind when she thinks of Jesus, her first inclination is to dance! Glory, i tell you, GLORY!!!) and so we danced--duh! and when "Jesus Loves Me" and "zacchaeus" came on, this little 3yo stinker looked like she just shot the moon!

Jesus is alive. the bible is holy, and real, and true, and living. He has rescued us and we, here at this house, are going to dance and sing in thankful joy of all these truths!

i, personally, was blessed to see the evidence of seeds planted and Jesus' loving faithfulness never to return void. HE IS FAITHFUL. despite my wretched unfaithfulness to Him and my shameful impatience with these littles. His love abounds and gives us abundant life.

oh what grace!
oh what love!
oh what a SAVIOR!

xoxo. grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.[eph. 6:24]


  1. awesome! I love how much God uses little children to teach us and bless us...